Flowtab Offers 0% Merchant Fees to Nightclubs & Bars

Posted on November 19, 2012 by Kyle Hill

Our users have spoken, they want us in more bars. So to further accelerate our growth, I am excited to announce that Flowtab is the very first mobile payments company that will be offering 0% credit card processing to nightclubs and bars. Starting this week and for the foreseeable future, all drink revenue earned on Flowtab goes to the bar.

The users of the app will now absorb the 3% fee in addition to Flowtab's 5% service charge. In return, we add tremendous value to their nightlife experience. For cash-only bars, we make accepting cards as cheap as accepting cash. We give them all the advantages of credit cards without any of the headaches of lengthy contracts, chargebacks or forgotten cards at the end of the night. Needless to say, this changes everything.

Flowtab Demos at Silicon Valley NewTech Conference

Posted on August 16, 2012 by Kyle Hill

The Silicon Valley New Technology Meetup is a community of 6,000 people in the San Francisco Bay Area who share interests in startups, technology, and innovation. They get together in Palo Alto on the first Tuesday of each month to showcase four new companies and expand networks. Flowtab had the chance to present at the August meetup.

SVNewTech is free and open to all who are interested, ou can join their next event on Meetup.com.

Below is a recording of our presentation.

TechZulu Interview at TenTen

Posted on April 13, 2012 by Kyle Hill

Recently I got a chance to sit down with Kyle Ellicott from TechZulu and share some stories about how Flowtab got founded. TechZulu is an independent news organization that connects with vetted technology startups and resources in the Southern California area.

This interview took place at the beautiful TenTen Wilshire building in downtown Los Angeles back in April, 2012.

Flowtab Demos Mobile Ordering App in Santa Monica

Posted on March 1, 2012 by Kyle Hill

On Wednesday, February 15th Flowtab hosted a special one night event at Copa D’Oro in Santa Monica to unveil their new mobile drink ordering system for the very first time. With a few hundred members of the community in attendance, the event was deemed a huge success.

Flowtab allows you to order and pay for food and drinks at your favorite bars, clubs and lounges right from the comfort of your phone. No more cash, cards, pens, booklets, wallets, clunky point-of-sale systems, forgetting your credit card at the bar, or fighting with large crowds around the bar counter. By creating a fast, fun and easy-to-use mobile ordering system, bartenders and servers can serve the needs of their customers faster and more efficiently than ever.

The founders of the company — Kyle Hill, Alex Kouznetsov and Mike Townsend — got to experience first-hand how bartenders and customers would receive Flowtab in a live nightlife setting. And the result? Over 150 drinks were ordered through Flowtab during the Demo Night, generating a handsome profit for Copa D’Oro (especially for a Wednesday night). Shrugging off a few technical glitches on some older Android phones, most of the users agreed that the drink ordering process in bars and nightclubs might be vastly changing over the next few years thanks to Flowtab.

Perhaps the most notable attendee at the Demo Night was Santa Monica Mayor and California State Assembly Candidate Richard Bloom, who ordered a Coke using Flowtab and gave a congratulatory tweet after the event, saying "Congrats to Flowtab crew on the launch of your app. Ordering a soda has never been easier in Silicon Beach."

Mayor Bloom has been a huge pillar in the tech community in Santa Monica. At the annual State of the City event on Jannuary 26, Bloom told the city, “Today, we are not Santa Monica, we are Silicon Beach and Tech Coast.” At this same event, the community workspace Coloft was presented with the Innovation Award for its efforts in providing collaborative workspaces for startups and entrepreneurs (Flowtab founders still use Coloft as their home office, as do many other LA tech startups).

Flowtab Wins LA Startup Competition

Posted on February 22, 2012 by Kyle Hill

The LA-based startup incubator Voivoda Labs consists of a team of successful tech veterans, serial entrepreneurs and angel investors that helps technology startups achieve their goals. As a hi-tech incubator, they focus on providing startup companies with extensive coaching and mentoring, hands-on support, introductions to angel investors, and any other resources a startup company may require through the process of development and growth. On Tuesday, February 21st they hosted their annual LA Startup Competition, featuring 15 companies from various industries ranging from entertainment, software, to power technology. Each company provided a 3-5 minutes pitch to a panel of prominent judges, represented by Tech Coast Angels and other angel investment groups. At the end, the judges voted Flowtab at the #1 company with the most innovative business model.

The startup will work with the Voivoda Labs team over the next few months team towards improving their product and growing their customer base. They have the option to locate in the facilities during this time, but will use it at their own discretion. At the end of this incubation period, Flowtab will examine its fundraising objectives and consider opening an angel round.