0% credit card fees.

Point-of-sale compatible

Whether cash or POS, we complement the way you already run your business.

Bartenders benefit

20% default gratuity, never touch credit cards, identify best tippers by name.

Next-day deposits

Get 100% of your money, routed to your bank account, the next business day.

Nightlife's leader in mobile drink ordering

How does it work?

Customers order and pay from their phones. Bartenders see the order on an iPad. A single button texts the customers when the drinks are ready for pickup.

Will this work in my type of venue?

Probably. We let cash bars take cards, ultra lounges offer a premium experience, and nightclubs reduce chaos at the bar. We'll design a system that fits your style.

Are my bartenders going to resist this?

Flowtab lets bartenders focus on making drinks. With higher tips, zero payment hassles, and an attractive, user-friendly interface, bartenders learn to love it.

Is this going to work with my POS?

We complement a wide range of accounting/inventory systems. We support printing to paper, manual POS entry, CSV importing, and automatic nightly emails.

Who deals with chargebacks?

We take the calls. User track records let us ban abusers if necessary, so we lower your chargeback rate. We also deal with banks and users before you have to hear about it.

I'm cash-only, I hate credit cards.

We let you take credit cards without processing fees, lengthy contracts, chargeback headaches, or forgotten cards. In fact, your staff will never have to touch plastic.

What about marketing?

We use promoters, talent, drink vouchers, and rewards to drive our existing users to your venue. Flowtab is cool. People talk about cool stuff. They'll talk about your bar.

How do I check IDs?

Whether it's at the bar for pickup, at the door or with wristbands, staff checks IDs the usual way. If there's an issue, void the order, and we'll ban the user forever.

What about people stealing drinks?

Do your customers steal tips off the bar, or drinks from the server station? We work with bars to design a layout that minimizes theft from the pickup area.

Sounds good. Can I afford this?

The upfront cost buys hardware, marketing, installation, and unlimited training. The monthly service fee buys you 24/7 support and active account management.

How do I get started?

We need a short activation form and your menu. Then we provide help with marketing strategy, layout design, and making sure your staff is trained and happy.